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Crushed Garlic


Caterers Crush, Crushed Garlic is made from the finest available garlic. The product is crushed to a fine particle size to ensure it is suitable in a wide range of applications. It has a powerful aroma, typical garlic. Colour is off white to yellow.

Best before: 12 months from date of manufacturer.

Allergens: This product is allergen free.

All products are:

  • Gluten free
  • Contains no added MSG
  • No artificial preservatives
  • ‘Ready to use’


Finest quality dried Chinese garlic, rehydrated with water (minimum 85%), food acid (260), vegetable oil (canola), vegetable gum (412).


Caterers Crush Crushed Garlic is ready to use, simply spoon from container and add to recipe. A convenient alternative to fresh garlic and can be used in place of fresh garlic.

Other Information

Bar code: 9314233515011

Packaging configuration:

  • Carton: 8 x 1kg
  • Pallet layer: 16 cartons
  • No of layers per pallet: 4
  • No of cartons per pallet: 64